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Baltimore Drain Cleaning | Emergency Drain Cleaning

  Statewide Plumbers believes that every customer has the right to a service that is FAIR and HONEST. An employee answers your call 24/7 and we will never charge an overtime fee for service at night, on weekends, or holidays. We believe in treating our customers with respect in order to build a relationship on which they can rely. We are not purely profit driven and it is for this reason:

We Clean Drains NOT Bank Accounts!

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Financing Available   For over 30 years Statewide Plumbers has provided the Baltimore area with quality Plumbing and professional Drain Cleaning services. We also offer Video Camera Inspections, (aka sewer video or sewer camera inspections), as well as Trenchless Sewer Repair.  

sewer-and-drain-cleaningOur Drain Cleaning Services Include:


Our Sewer Cleaning Services Include:

  Statewide Plumbers cleans drains from as small as one-quarter inch to as large as six feet in diameter for residential and commercial facilities. This includes clogged drinking fountain lines, stopped kitchen sink drains, laundry or washing machine drains, bathtub clogs, sewer root problems, sewer lines and commercial sewer lines. In addition to drain cleaning equipment, Statewide Plumbers' staff are also carry specialized equipment such as, Video Camera's to check for trouble spots when buying a house or to replace a sewer line, Locators to determine the exact location of a sewer line and Jetters to provide high pressure water drain cleaning for commercial lines. Statewide Plumbers also offers residential and commercial Plumbing services including Water Heater replacement. Plumbing repairs both indoors and outdoors including replacing faucets, sinks, showers and their components, installing outside sewer access (outside risers), backflow prevention devices and more.  

We specialize in drain cleaning, general plumbing, and trenchless sewer pipe repair.

  Please call for pricing. We clean drains sized 1/2" to 8" around. We also have special equipment for drains 6-24" in diameter and up to 600' in length. ***PLEASE NOTE: Due to the dangers associated with chemical drain cleaners, such as splash back causing eye, throat and skin burning, we will charge a CHEMICAL USAGE charge to customers who don't disclose the use of such products (such as Drain-O) before we perform work. Thank you for understanding, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Our technician's safety and ability to work of our up-most importance.*** Are you paying for a guarantee? Our work includes a 90day guarantee in most cases. Ask for more details when scheduling your appointment. We offer Preventative Maintenance! If you typically have root growth in your line, ask about our preventative maintenance service to prevent sewer back-ups before they start. You even get a discount on our typical sewer line charge when you sign up for this service.  

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